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Everyone's a winner at Istar Academy Competition

5 Teams from Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics competed this weekend at I-star’s Butterfly Cup in Brighton.

In the Under 8s section, called the Caterpillar Cup, Team Bath’s pink group of Ayana, Diana, Emily, Nicole and Patricia came home with a gold medal for their delightful ball routine. Also in the novice section, the blue group of Annie, Chloe, Megan and Myla performed their uplifting ball routine to gain another gold medal. For both of these groups, this was their first competition away from home, so a massive achievement for all.

Competing in the Level 4 (National level) under 12 section, was the red group of Beatrice, Emily, Eva, Hannah and Lily. These girls performed their exciting ball routine with lots of energy and enthusiasm and earned themselves 2 bronze medals for the highest score and overall competitions.

The orange group of Frances, Lola, Rosa, Vanessa and Vlada competed in the level 4 Junior section. Their very dramatic clubs routine performances, earned them a silver medal for highest score and bronze overall.

Elena, Elisabeth, Kashvi, Pelagia and Rosie from the Junior White group competed in the level 5 section, following on from their recent success at the British Championships. They delivered an accomplished clubs routine and an exhilarating, crowd-pleasing ribbon routine, bringing home a further 3 bronze medals for these two routines and the overall competition.

Everyone from Team Bath RG brought home a medal.

It was lovely to see groups of all ages and abilities from Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics competing together and supporting each other in what was a very friendly, enjoyable and successful competition.

To find out more information about joining the Club with classes for beginners from age 5, right through to Elite international competition squads, please visit www.cityofbathrhythmic.comor email


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