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Thistle International & Level 3 Group League Final

On 9th November, our three Team Bath Level 3 teams travelled to a chilly Edinburgh to compete in the Thistle International Competition which was the final of the National Level 3 league.

In the Espoir Competition, Team Bath Gold (Ayana, Chloe, Diana, Patricia & Sophie) performed two steady routines and finished in Bronze medal position. Over the year they have performed consistently with steady improvements in their scores such that the results from this competition combined with their scores from previous rounds put them in 4th place overall.

Team Bath Blue (Delilah, Emily A, Emily H, Eva and Megan) returned to a 5 person routine following Delilah’s absence due to injury and managed a team best. They finished in Gold medal position with their overall scores from other league fixtures placing them 3rd overall.

These are fantastic achievements for both teams and a reflection on the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

In the Junior Competition (Annie, Bea, Hannah, Lily & Phoebe) performed their ribbon routine again to a high standard and placed in 1st position too! Their scores combined with previous Level 3 league competitions resulted in them receiving Gold overall as well.

So, it was medals all round and an outstanding performance from Team Bath. Well done girls and huge thanks to all the coaches!


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