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Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics is a non-profit making community sports club, and as such does not operate to make profit from payment for training, club membership fees etc. Surpluses which are generated throughout the year are ‘re-cycled’ into the club’s activities. The fees are calculated in order to bring in sufficient income to pay

for the hire of the sports centre or school hall where the members train, to pay the fees and expenses of the coaches for both their attendance at the regular training sessions and at competitions, and for miscellaneous expenditure such as insurance or equipment.

Fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each term in order to protect the financial security of the club.

The remainder of this section is being updated and will be available soon!


Squad Fees



This section is being updated and will be available soon!

The full Gymnast Pay Policy can be read here:

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Costs for Competitions & Events


Please read the Gymnast Pay Policy for full details.

•    Gymnasts are required to pay the entry fee for competitions, this ranges from £10-£75 (Usually around £15 per person per routine) depending on the event, level and type (Group or Individual). This fee is set by the competition and passed directly to the gymnast.

•    Judge & Coach contribution In order to enter all competitions, Team Bath Rhythmic must provide two Judges and usually at least two coaches (depending on gymnast numbers). Each gymnast is asked to pay a set fee contribution towards these costs (Coach/Judge/Travel Accommodation). For 2019 this fee is £35 per gymnast, per competition.  Display Squad £25 per event (as no judge requirement). In 2017 the contributions towards coaches and judges was subsidised by the fundraising money, by approximately £1000. 

•    Leotards for competitions can cost over £250 each. As the gymnasts grow, change groups, change routines, Team Bath Rhythmic own the group leotards and ask you to hire them at £10 per competition. This ensure that you do not have a costly outlay. Occasionally when a group is performing at the top level, we may ask the group to purchase a second leotard. 

•    Equipment for groups for 2019. (Change from 2018). We will ask all gymnasts who take part in a group, to pay an initial fee, which will buy the group equipment, storage bags and any spares or replacement that are needed through the year. These will be owned collectively by the group. As the apparatus is used by the whole group, we feel this fairest, as if one breaks due to use, the cost would be on one parent, however this is just unlucky as it could be anyone’s apparatus. 

If a gymnast leaves the group during the year, they forfeit the apparatus, and it stays with the group, so that the group still has the complete set.

•    Payment for competitions is due before the event. 

•    Please note that for the Club Events and Competitions, including Bath Open, we DO NOT charge the gymnast contribution, for any of our club gymnasts. You only pay the entry fee and leotard hire.

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