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Parents Guide to Volunteering & Supporting the Club


Why volunteer? Sometimes people don't think they have anything to contribute, or are put off by the dauntingly long list of tasks that are in circulation at PTA meetings. The well-intentioned raised hand of good intent during a weak moment can spiral into becoming a fully (non) paid up member of the volunteering community for years to come and has been known to strike fear into the kindest of hearts and dampen the strongest of spirits. We feel your pain! Therefore this guide is intended to help you understand how you can offer your support throughout the year. 


We work hard to bring in fundraising to the club. As a not-for-profit organisation it makes a big difference and helps us substantially. It is thanks to the hard work and efforts of committee members, parents and gymnasts that we can run a successful club and are able to subsidise costs where we can. 


All our volunteers are known to the Club, either as parents, carers or gymnasts. We are a positive and inclusive club, and have written codes of conduct for Parents, Carers & Spectators and for Coaches, Helpers & Volunteers.


What:   Carpets

When:  Regularly, after training sessions

How:    Helping to roll carpets at the beginning and end of training sessions at Culverhay - particularly     welcome when another club is waiting to use the sports hall. Please wait until the coaches call you into the hall.


Hoovering carpets before events and competitions - a sociable team event! This usually takes place on a Thursday and/or Friday evening. Hoovers and extension leads welcome too!


What:    Competitions at other venues, run by British Gymnastics or other clubs

When:   Throughout the year

How:       Parents of gymnasts competing at other venues. Each club is expected to offer one or two parent volunteers at competitions, typically selling tickets and programmes or manning the raffle stall.


What:     Rainbow Competition

When:    Saturday morning, March


  • Donations of cakes and raffle prizes.

  • Help with setting things up in the morning (usually from 8.30), before the competition starts

  • During the competition manning tables/stalls, helping with music and scores

  • Tidying up and dismantling, after the competition finishes


What:    Bath Open

When:    Saturday and Sunday, June/July

This is the biggie - our major showcase event and the biggest rhythmic gymnastics club-run competition in the country! Without a considerable amount of support from parents and gymnasts it would be impossible for this event to run. 

For this reason, as a starting point we make it an expectation for all squad gymnasts and parent/s to support the event with some of their time. It is not compulsory for RDP gymnasts and parents to offer help although your support is always appreciated! We always make sure parents have the opportunity to watch their gymnasts perform; volunteering does not mean parents will miss key routines. The competition typically runs across two days and is our major fundraiser for the year – bringing in crucial income for the Club.


Closer to Bath Open, you will be able to sign up to roles and times that suit you. These slots will be available once the schedule has been completed, so you know when your gymnast is competing. The minimum time slot would be 2 hours of your time and volunteering also allows you free entry to the event and free tea/coffee.



  • Assisting with organisation in lead-up to event, e.g. ordering medals, food, decorations, printing

  •  Donations of cakes, teddy tombola and raffle prizes 

  •  Help set up the night before the event starts, Friday evening from 5.30-10.00 (any of your time is appreciated)


   Support during the competition, in set time slots matched with when your gymnast is in:               

  • Selling tickets

  • Manning stalls        

  • Organising tea/coffee for coaches and judges 

  • Stewarding in the warm-up hall

  • Announcing

  • Helping with music and scores

  • Supporting Welfare desk

  • Runners (gymnasts) to help judges, Welfare desk and event organiser

  • Trophy/medal/certificate management

  • Tidying up and dismantling, after the competition finishes


What:    Waitrose bag packing 

When:    Sunday, November/December

How:    Helping and supporting annual Waitrose bag packing, on a Sunday at the end of November/        beginning of December. Encourage your gymnast to participate, and if necessary, be present as a   responsible adult. The fundraising runs from 11.00-5.00 and ideally should have 20+ gymnasts for it to be a success, volunteering for two hours at a stretch. Up to eight checkouts are in operation and we can typically raise £500 from public donations. 


We are given little advance warning of the available date from Waitrose. This can work against us when trying to recruit volunteers at short notice, therefore by anticipating volunteering two hours of your time on a Sunday late November/early December you will really help us!


What:    Christmas Show

When:    Saturday, December


  • Donations of cakes and raffle prizes 

  • Help with setting things up, before the show starts

  • During the show manning tables/stalls, helping with music and scores

  • Tidying up and dismantling, after the competition finishes


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