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Fire Evacuation Policy

Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics use two venues for training and competitions, Bath University Sports Training Village and Culverhay Sports Centre.  Both venues have their own Fire/Evacuation policies and expect those renting/using their facilities to follow their guidelines and procedures.  


In the unlikely event of a Fire or Emergency Evacuation during a training session or competition an alarm will be sounded and Coaches, Gymnasts and Parents must follow instructions from Venue staff and implement the following procedures.


Bath University Sports Training Village:

When a bell sounds be prepared to evacuate. When an alarm (siren noise) sounds evacuate the area/building to the nearest assembly point.


Culverhay Sports Centre:

If a fire is detected an alarm will sound and be silenced so that duty staff can identify the location of the fire. If a continuous alarm sounds evacuate the sports hall by the nearest fire exit to the assembly point in the car park.


Be Alert and Don’t Panic


  • At the beginning of each session registers must be taken and make sure gymnasts are aware of the evacuation procedure.

  • When the bell or initial alarm sounds prepare to evacuate the building and wait for instructions from the Venue staff.

  • If the full alarm sounds evacuate the area/building, pick up the register and escort gymnasts out of the nearest/safest emergency exit to the assembly point.

  • Take the register and inform the Staff if anyone is missing.

  • Do not return to the building until instructed by Venue Staff.



  • Always leave your shoes and tracksuit top in front of your bag so that you can leave quickly.

  • Listen to your Coach and follow all instructions. Evacuate quickly and quietly leaving bags and equipment behind.

  • Stay at the assembly point with your Coach until told otherwise.


  • If you are in the building when the bell sounds, follow instructions from Venue staff and be prepared to evacuate. When the alarm sounds leave the building by the nearest fire exit then follow directions from venue staff.

  • Evacuate the building as directed, through the nearest/safest emergency exit to the assembly point (this may be different to your daughter).

  • For the safety of you and your child Do Not try and get your child during evacuation, s/he is the responsibility of the Coaches and will be looked after appropriately.



Welfare Team

Revised August 2018 

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