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 Gymnasts Code of Conduct







Our Dream Philosophy

The word DREAM underpins the Gymnasts’ Code of Conduct and is a fundamental expression of our Club’s values: Determination, Respect, Enjoyment, Achievement, Motivation. It establishes in clear and positive terms our expectations for the ways in which we relate to each other and perform. 


Each month and during holiday camps, we award a Gymnast of the Month who has demonstrated the DREAM philosophy. This person is selected by the coaches and is celebrated in our newsletter. We also make an annual award for the DREAM gymnast at our Christmas Display. A Star of the Day certificate is presented to gymnasts who have demonstrated these behaviours.

As a gymnast at our club, you have the right to:


  • Enjoy the time you spend at gym and know that you are safe. 

  • Know who you can talk to if something’s not right. 

  • Be listened to. 

  • Be involved and contribute towards decisions within the club. 

  • Be respected by us and other team members and be treated fairly. 

  • Feel welcomed, valued, and included based on your race, gender, sexuality, faith, or ability.

  • Be encouraged and develop your gymnastic skills with our help and support. 

  • Be looked after if there’s an accident or injury and have your parents/carers informed, where appropriate


As a gymnast at our club, we expect you to:


  • Keep yourself safe by listening to your coach, behave responsibly and speak out when something isn’t right.

  • Be on time to training and competitions and let us know if you’re running late.

  • Make your coach aware if you have any difficulties attending training or competitions.

  • Wear the correct club kit and make sure that your hair is in a neat bun.

  • Come with the right equipment and always bring a water bottle.

  • Put your mobile phone in your bag and either put it on silent or turn it off. 

  • Help set up the hall at the start of each session by rolling out the carpets and then putting them away again at the end of the session. 

  • Do not wander off or leave training or a competition without telling your coach.

  • Make sure that you are a member of British Gymnastics – if you are under 18 then you can ask your parents/carers to arrange this for you. 


  • Be kind to one another and make our club a friendly and welcoming place. 

  • Be the best you can be.

  • Respect all gymnasts, coaches, committee members and volunteers at the club.

  • Treat all equipment with respect (whether it’s yours or someone else’s).

  • Work as a team.

  • Never give up! If you don’t get something right try again.

  • Be supportive when other gymnasts make mistakes.

  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.

  • Focus on training; if you chat or mess about you may be asked to sit out. If you continue to behave in a way that is unsuitable, dangerous or distracting, then you may be asked to leave the session and your parents will be asked to collect you. If this happens then you and your parents will be asked to meet with your coach to understand why this has happened and to find a resolution. 

  • Respect and celebrate difference in our club and not discriminate against anyone else on the grounds of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, culture, or ability. 

  • Understand that the use of abusive or inappropriate language, bullying, physical violence, or any other behaviour which hurts others will not be tolerated by the club. 

  • Report any incidents of bullying or unkind behaviour to the club.

  • Share your ideas with coaches and committee members, it’s your club!

  • Be proud to be part of your club.

This code of conduct is a guideline to good practice, it is not exhaustive, above all we want you to have FUN! 


Welfare Team January 2024

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