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Kit and Equipment

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Second Hand Kit & Equipment Form:
Please download and print this form if you want to sell second hand kit at an event. To sell online please email

Club kit can be ordered from the webshop on this site.



Sizes ordered will be your responsibility and items can only be returned within 14 days of purchase in an unworn, brand new condition. All vest tops and t-shirts must be tight fitting.


Any questions regarding kit should be directed to but first check our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Competition Leotards for groups


Where possible, the club will provide sets of leotards for each age group (Espoir, Junior, Senior) for groups to use in competitions.  Leotards will be in a range of sizes, not made to measure for specific gymnasts.  


To cover the cost of providing and maintaining leotards, we ask that each group gymnast pay a rental fee for each competition where they are used. 


The club will look after all sets of leotards and make sure they are washed and cared for/repaired etc. properly.


The benefit of this system is that you do not need to purchase an expensive leotard when your daughter joins a group or moves to a different group, and you don’t incur costs if your daughter is injured or unavailable for a competition.


The club expects to make a small surplus from renting of leotards and this money will be used to supplement club funds (e.g. added to funds for purchasing a new carpet/new leotards for the club).

Leotards for Individuals (Competitions)

Gymnasts competing as individuals will need to have their own leotard to compete in and for display. 

The reason for this is that the leotards we have belong to the group and if an individual damages it at all, it could ruin it for the whole group. The leotards have to match for the group, both for competitions and for us to be able to sell on as a set when we need to. If one leotard is more worn or damaged, then the whole set is compromised.



We will ask all gymnasts who take part in a group, to pay an initial fee, which will buy the group equipment, storage bags and any spares or replacement that are needed through the year. These will be owned collectively by the group. As the apparatus is used by the whole group, we feel this fairest, as if one breaks due to use, the cost would be on one parent, however this is just unlucky as it could be anyone’s apparatus. 

If a gymnast leaves the group during the year, they forfeit the apparatus, and it stays with the group, so that the group still has the complete set.

Pre-loved Kit


There is a section on the webshop for members to sell and buy 2nd hand kit. Please browse for a bargain! Any questions then contact Jill  for details:

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