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West Midlands Championships

The West Midlands Championships took place on Sunday 27th October 2019 and Team Bath Rhythmic gymnasts were out in force.

For Level 1/2,Hannah and Emilia performed in the under 8 hoop duet, Nicole and Regina in the under 10 rope duet and Nicole, Amelie and Abigail in the under 8 free trio. With plenty of other entries atthis level the girls were successful in gaining medals - well done!

In the afternoon there was the Level 3 groups and trios. The Espoir Blue (Emily, Eva, Emily,

Megan) and Gold (Chloe, Patricia, Ayala, Sophie, Diana) groups performed with the

ribbon apparatus and both won medals.

In the under 10 hoop trio three groups entered - Blue (Eva, Emily H, Diana), Gold (Emily A,

Patricia , Ayala) & White (Megan, Chloe,Sophie) from Team Bath and with a clean

sweep they all won medals!

The Junior Group ((Bea, Annie, Phoebe, Hannah, Lily) performed their ribbon routine

and achieved medals too.

Great team work and determination from all the girls brought some well deserved awards.

A big thank you to the coaches, volunteers and superb support from the Team Bath parents.


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