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Anti Bullying Policy



At Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics we are committed to making our club a friendly and welcoming place where all members feel included and valued. The wellbeing of children at our club is central to everything we do and we recognise that children need a safe, protective, and happy environment to fulfil their potential and excel at gymnastics. 

Club Statement 


Bullying by children or adults will not be tolerated at our club and we will ensure that all forms of bullying are taken seriously and responded to appropriately in accordance with the standards set out by British Gymnastics in their policy document ‘Safeguarding Children: Safe Environment’ (page 11, Bullying). The club is fully committed to this policy and you can read the full document using the link below or the attached PDF

Key Principles

Our code of conduct documents outline the standards of behaviour that we expect from our members, whether they are a gymnast, parent or coach at the club. The key principles of this are as follows:


  • Be kind to one another and make our club a friendly and welcoming place. 

  • Respect all gymnasts, coaches, committee members and volunteers at the club.

  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.

  • Respect and celebrate difference in our club and not discriminate against anyone else on the grounds of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, culture, or ability. 

  • Understand that the use of abusive or inappropriate language, bullying, physical violence, or any other behaviour which hurts others will not be tolerated by the club. 

  • Report any incidents of bullying or unkind behaviour to the club.



The overall responsibility for safeguarding for the Club sits with the Welfare Officer, Liz Redfern (, who also reports to BG Welfare Officers (

It is our responsibility to promote a culture where everyone is encouraged to speak out without fear of recrimination.

We will ensure that there are robust systems in place to manage any incidents of bullying at the club.



Welfare Team  

March 2024

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