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Compaints & Grievance

Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint or grievance about any part of the Club, please use the

following procedures. The Club Committee will follow up your complaint as quickly

and effectively as possible, whilst dealing with it sensitively and in confidence.


Our aim is to treat everyone with respect, and in a fair and equal way.


If you have concerns or witness an incident relating to Child Protection or the

Welfare of a child:

1. Write notes about anything you witness;

2. Contact the Welfare Officer (;

3. Describe or share your concerns regarding the issue with the Welfare Officer.

They have been trained to handle such matters and will treat your information

with confidence. They might advise you on whom to get further advice from,

start welfare procedures or take the issue to the Club Committee;

4. If the matter needs to be taken further the Welfare Officer will have to share

the information with the relevant organisations (British Gymnastics, Social

Services and/or the police).


If this is a non-urgent Welfare issue:

1. Email the Club Welfare Officer at with your


2. The CIub Welfare Officer will contact you to discuss your concern;

3. The Welfare Officer will contact those involved and investigate;

4. If the issue has not been resolved, at this stage the Welfare Officer may

arrange a mediation meeting between those involved;

5. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the issue the possible outcomes

from this meeting may involve Club disciplinary procedures, a referral to the

governing body (British Gymnastics), information passed on to Social

Services or the police.


If you have an issue or grievance to do with the running of the Club, a Club

procedure, Club event, a coach or volunteer, or any other aspect of the Club:

1. Email about your concern. If the issue is

specifically about training or competitions, please contact your child’s coach.

2. If the issue has not been resolved, request a mediation meeting with the

coach and a member of the committee at so

that a solution can be reached.


If a member of the Club has a complaint or issue surrounding a coach or gymnast

within the Club, the same process will apply, until the issue is resolved.



Welfare Team 

January 2024

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