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Group League Round 3 and Final Standings

Senior Blue and Junior Performance competed in Round 3 of the Group League in Stoke on Saturday 23rd November.

The Seniors (Amelia, Kristina, Grace, Lizzy, Vanessa and Emily) gave a fantastic Ball routine and achieved their personal best score in the league; combined with their Hoop / Club score it placed them 5th in Round 3.

Meanwhile the Juniors (Pelagia, Kashvi, Elena Elisabeth and Elle) competed in Ribbon and Hoop with solid scores and placed 3rd.

Thanks to Simon and Martha for judging, Inma and Tiola for coaching and Sian Henderson for volunteering on the gymnast registration desk.

2019 Final Standings

For each group, the highest four out of six scores attained throughout the three rounds were added together to give the over-all Final Standings: Team Bath placed 4th and in the Senior League and 3rd in the Elite Junior League. Congratulations and very well done to the girls.


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