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New Team Bath Kit Frequently Asked Questions


Why club kit?

We want to help our gymnasts feel part of the prestigious Team Bath community and in our own family within the club. Standard gymnastics kit is not always suitable and can be dangerous or present a welfare issue for gymnastics (e.g. loose tee shirts being caught in apparatus or a partner, and loose tops falling down revealing children's chests whilst in bridge etc.). So by having gymnastics specific kit, (agreed by Team Bath), we hope all members will feel part of the club and wear the kit with pride.


We have provided alternatives for training and competition to enable the gymnasts to be warm and comfortable in training, with it providing proper coverage for the gymnasts whilst practicing their skills. This is also a cheaper option whilst they grow. As and when gymnasts are promoted to a competition squad, with the possibility of competing nationally, you can 'add on' and buy the competition kit and sell on your outgrown kit to other club members. There are opportunities for this at most of the club-run events.


Why is the 'competition' kit more expensive than the club kit?

The competition kit design has been approved by Team Bath and had to meet their requirements with regards to design and pantone colour. All the kit is sold on at cost to our parents and the club is not making any profit on it. The club blue kit is more ‘off-the-shelf’ and used for training.


Why about boys kit?

Boys kit is available on request.


Is competition kit only for competitions?

No. All gymnasts can wear either the club kit or the competition kit for training. However, only the competition kit can be worn for competitions, so it will need to be in a good condition to impress judges.Competition kit will also be for all club events, such as Christmas display, Rainbow competition and Bath Open. They will still get a lot of use out of their kit.


Can I sell on my child's kit when he or she outgrows it?

Yes! The club will help sell on your second-hand kit to younger gymnasts, meaning you gain a bit of money through those sales. There is a 10% commission so you will also being helping the club raise funds for the gymnasts.


We have just joined the club, do we have to buy kit straight away?

No, that is not necessary but may be considered after attending for a term. The main kit orders will be three times a year, but if you are new and would like the club leotard or tshirt, then we may have some spare stock. Email to enquire.


It is really expensive for parents with 2 gymnasts. 

The treasury team can put together an arrangement where the cost can be spread out. Please contact them in confidence at


What happens if we can't afford the kit? 

Again, the treasury team can address these issues when they are raised on a case by case basis. Please contact them in confidence at


Can I buy parts of a kit and the rest later?

Yes, you could split your purchase and buy the competition jacket now and the leggings in January for example, allowing you to split your payments and make it more manageable,so long as this is in place for their first competition.


When do we have to order it by? 

Please ask your coach for an idea of when the next order window is, or email


I still have some questions about the kit, what do I do?

Please email the kit team in confidence at:

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