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Entry Details

Date: 6th & 7th July 2019

Venue: Sports Training Village,University of Bath, BA2 7AY

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We pride ourselves on being able to offer an event where gymnasts of every level can participate and have fun whilst competing. We award placing certificates as well as medals. It is very important to us that the gymnasts, coaches and judges have a great time in a good venue with a friendly atmosphere. We strive to provide a pleasant environment for Judges and Coaches alike. 


Saturday 6th July 2019 

Level 1 - Novice 1 gymnasts - SET ROUTINES & 1 Voluntary individual competition

Level 2 – Novice 2 gymnasts – Individual competition
Level 3 – Zonal gymnasts – Individual competition
Level 4 – National gymnasts - Individual competition - Under 10 and Under 12 


Sunday 7th July 2019 

Level 4 – National gymnasts – Individual competition – Juniors and Seniors

Level 5 – Elite gymnasts – Individual competition
Groups Competition – Level 5, Level 4, Level 3 and Novice group categories

Duets and Trios Competition – Level 1,2,3 

We reserve the right to amalgamate categories if there are less than 3 gymnasts entered. 

Warm up will start at approximately 8.30 am on both days. 

**Please note: the confirmed schedule depends on entries, so please don't confirm accommodation until the schedule comes out.** 


Individual gymnasts £15 per gymnast, per routine

Group gymnasts £75 per group
Trio gymnasts £45 per Trio
Duet gymnasts £30 per Duet 



Each club must provide at least two judges for each session (half day) that they compete within. For Set Routines, Level 2 coaches are allowed as judges. All Judges, Coaches and Volunteers must wear their accreditation/wrist band throughout the weekend. 

Withdrawal of judges may mean a total withdrawal of gymnasts from that club, with no refund. Late withdrawal (with 2 weeks of comp) of judges will incur a fine of £100 per judge. 


Coaches must be nominated on the entry form. Each club is allowed multiple coaches dependent on numbers of gymnasts competing. 


Even though the organising committee at Team Bath RG will provide as much support as possible, we ask if each club could nominate one volunteer each, for each day they participate. 


All participants including Judges and Coaches must have appropriate insurance for the event, Team Bath RG takes no responsibility for this. 


Technical rules as per the national competition handbook. 

  • The group competition may be split into FOUR levels, as per national qualifications – Elite, National, Level 3 and Novice (Level 2 and 1). The coach can enter a group into a higher standard category, but not into a lower category. (The final decision on the category split will be made after the entries are received).

Groups may ‘swap’ more than one gymnast between the rounds, e.g. have 7 gymnasts and two may swap for the second performance.


Technical rules as per the national competition handbook.

  • The coach can enter an individual into a higher standard category, but not into a lower category. 

Set Routines for Fundamental (Novice 1) gymnasts 

We are including the SET ROUTINES from the Next Steps packs.  Please see below for the information pack as well as videos of the Set routines, to practice with. 

  • These gymnasts will perform on the floor in small groups of 2/3/4 gymnasts, but will gain their own score, giving them the opportunity to compete but without the stress of competing alone.

  • Each club may use their own music, or our selection of music. Gymnasts will perform with other gymnasts from their own club.

  • Each gymnast may perform in the SET routine, voluntary or both.


  • Fundamental, Novice and Zonal please see technical notes.

  • National Individuals, as for NDP Finals.

  • Elite Individuals, as for British Championships.


  • All Set Routines will be awarded a medal (colour determined by score)

  • Medals are awarded for overall total scores and individual apparatus in each category and age

  • NB In Level 3 where there is a choice of apparatus, the medals will be awarded for a combined
    category e.g. Rope or Ball.

  • A gymnast need not enter all apparatus to be eligible for Ind. Apparatus medals, but must enter
    all apparatus for the Overall title.

  • Placing certificates will be awarded for 4th, 5th and 6th place.




Final closing date: FRIDAY 24th MAY 2019 

By e-mail to, using the attached Excel spreadsheet. 

PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD – BACS Transfer (Bank details contained in Entry Form. Please reference your club name) 



To be submitted via dropbox, details to follow. 

Final music upload date: Wednesday 19th June 2019

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