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Music Guidance

Please upload your gymnasts’ music onto Dropbox by Wednesday 19th June 2019


Please name your MP3 file as follows:

For Set Routine: Club - Set Hoop / Ball / Ribbon / Rope - Age Group

For an Individual Routine: Gymnast number - Gymnast name - Club - Apparatus.


For Group Routine: Group number - Group name - Club - Apparatus.

You can find your gymnast / group numbers in the attachment sent in an email on 10th June, with the subject line, **Bath Open Information**


Each club will receive their own Dropbox link to upload the music by Monday 10th June. If you haven't received a link, please email Jessica at


Back-up music: on the day, please bring all your gymnasts’ music on a back-up stick and have it ready if needed.


Any issues, please email Jessica at

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