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Development & Performance Squads

We have a range of training squads within Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics. Each has a different and specific aim, and with this aim, expectations.


We aim to offer more opportunities to compete at different levels with Individual, Group, Teen Squad at either Performance or Development level.


Performance Squads are for more experienced and able gymnasts, with a focus on competition.


Development Squads are gymnasts with less experience, needing to learn more skills, younger, changing age groups or wanting to compete only occasionally. Both squad levels are by invitation only. 


By creating a Development and Performance Squad in each age group, we can give more gymnasts the opportunity to train and compete at the correct level for them. 


It is also possible that gymnasts may move between squads during the year based upon their personal development. 


For your information, Club events or Club run events are the first level of competition, where clubs come together for a friendly competition.


The next level is Zonal events. These are where the country has been divided to ensure an equal split of gymnasts across clubs, we are in Zone B (South West, South and Wales), Zonal Grades plus the Level 3 group National League are run by the Zonal panels.


The National Level competitions are those run by British Gymnastics. This includes the National Seeding event for Groups, National (Level 4 Group League), Elite (Level 5 Group League) and British Championships. 

The following squads are split into Performance and Development levels. 

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Development Squads

Espoir Group Development Squad is for gymnasts who are Under 8yrs through to Under 10yrs, and for whom we see that there is future potential. 


Gymnasts can only compete in the National Level Competitions once they are 8 years old. Under 8’s will be offered Club and Zonal competitions. 


They will develop their training, learn routines for Individual and groups, with the aim of competing as level 2 or 3 during 2019. We would aim for them to compete at Zonal and/or National Level once they become Under 10s. 


We are also asking that these gymnasts maintain a Recreational Development Programme (RDP) so that they can continue to learn basic skills, and learn in a ‘fun’ environment, whilst the Espoir Development squad will be more focused learning. 

The Development Squad in each age group, will be training towards, Level 3 Club competitions and Level 3 Zonal League. In Development Squad we hope to have enough gymnasts to make up two group ‘sets’, which means if a gymnast is absent, the other can train more, by taking a position in both ‘sets’ for that training session.


Performance Squads

The Performance squad in each age group, will be training towards National Competitions, learning skills and routines for Group Work. Towards Level 4 & 5 National & Elite Leagues, British and English Championships.

Squads Training Expectations 

  • Gymnasts will abide by the Gymnasts Golden Rules

  • Gymnasts will wear club kit to ALL training sessions

  • If a gymnast is going to be absent from a session, they need to notify the coaches as soon as possible, as we plan each session carefully, and this can alter the planning process. 

The British Gymastics Rhythmic Competition Handbook, which explains about the rules of rhythmic can be found here.

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