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All About the Bath Open

This is the 14th year we have run the Bath Open Championships. 

Originally this event was across one day, but over the years we have been fortunate enough to have many other clubs participate, meaning that we needed to go not only to two competition days, but also across two arenas, to enable everyone who wants to compete the opportunity to do so. 


This year we will once again have two simultaneous arenas running on the Saturday. This is great fun and adds to the action packed weekend (although extremely hectic for our volunteers).


We have Stefan Gleave running the sound systems this year, for the first time, and some amazing screens provided to display the scores.   


The event is completely organised by volunteers from Team Bath RG, so if you notice a mistake or the competition runs off schedule, please be forgiving and offer a smile (we are extremely stressed when these things happen!).


Lastly, we hope you’ll have another fantastic year at the Bath Open and we hope to see you again in 2020, for the 15th Bath Open (4-5 July 2020) 

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