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New 'Class 4 Kids' Online Booking System

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

As stated in our September Newsletter, we are moving to a new online booking system, 'Class 4 Kids' to help improve the efficiency of how the club operates.

We understand this will be a change, however as a non profit making club, we have had parents commit their gymnasts to training or competition and then pull out a the last minute. This means the club is already committed to pay coaches and venue hire, but now have less gymnasts to fund this. As a consequence the fundraising pot is having to back up the club, whereas we would rather the fundraising be used for apparatus and matts etc for ALL gymnasts to use.

Therefore is it important for the club to move to a payment in advance system to ensure the future of the club is safe. 

Please use the new online booking system for registering for forthcoming Half Term Fun & Training Camps and look out for the email regarding RDP and Squad training moving forward.

For the October half Term FUN CAMP please use this link:

To ensure that all gymnasts are able to take part, the club offers a discount to any gymnast in receipt of pupil premium funding or any family who have more than one gymnasts at the club. If you require a code to apply to your Class for Kids booking, please contact the Treasury Team via email:

Usual training takes place on Saturday 26th October, but then is suspended during the half term week and re-starts on Monday 4th November.


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