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Club Structure

In January 2019, a new club structure was implemented at Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics in the hope that the new structure will offer more opportunities for all gymnasts at ALL levels throughout the club.

We strive to be an inclusive club with opportunities to take part for fun, right through to competing at the very highest level, both Nationally and Internationally.


Moving to new structure will mean more levels of badge classes, which are now renamed as the Recreational Development Programme (RDP). These are split into four levels.


By providing more layers, gymnasts can progress in small steps. This means that we can offer sessions suitable for the gymnast, whilst also preparing them for their next steps.

Recreational Development Programme

The Recreational Development Programme (RDP) is designed to teach the skills of rhythmic gymnastics, whilst developing the child holistically through Rhythmic Gymnastics.


Our aim is to give each child an enjoyable whilst developmental experience, based around our badge reward scheme. These run from 10 to 1, with 10 being the start and 1 being the highest level.

The RDP is now split into the following groups (colours linked to pyramid)

Tiny Twirlers         Pre school (coming soon)

Leapers               Badge 10,9

Balancers            Badge 8,7

Spinners              Badge 6,5,4

Pirouetters           Badge 3,2,1


After the Recreational Development Programme, gymnasts are given a choice as to which training session to move into, so that they can continue to develop their skills. We have competitive and non-competitive opportunities available to progress right through to 18 years and beyond.

Gymnasts are assessed throughout the year and will move to the next training group at the start of a new term. Please ask your coaches which badge they are currently on and when they think you might move to the next training group.

We are also planning to offer more opportunities to compete at different levels with Individual, Group, Teen Squad, these will be available as either Performance or Development level.

Performance Opportunities

At Team Bath Rhythmic we are proud to offer performance opportunities (displays and competitions) to all our gymnasts, three times per year. We hope that all gymnasts will take part, as these events offer a chance for the club to come together, watch and support each other. Parents as well as gymnasts. These opportunities take place here in Bath at either of our venues and there are of course other opportunities elsewhere as well, for these who want to.


We also offer social and fundraising events throughout the year, these occur as and when an opportunity comes our way. 

All gymnasts get the opportunity to take part in the following events annually:

1.     SPRING TERM - Rainbow Competition. Internal club competition, where all gymnasts are in a coloured team, working with different gymnasts, the combined team score wins.  The aim is to offer an inclusive fun performance event, where gymnasts can also prepare for Bath Open. For 2019- Saturday 2nd March, at STV, University of Bath


2.    SUMMER TERM - Bath Open competition. Club run competition, biggest club event in the country. Competitive sections for all gymnasts from Fundamentals, level 1 (Novice) through to Level 5(Elite) in both Individual and group events. Attracts around 400 gymnasts from across the country. Competitive opportunity for all our gymnasts. Also, our biggest fundraiser of the year. 


For 2019 – Saturday and Sunday 6th/7th July, at STV, University of Bath.

3.    AUTUMN TERM - Christmas Display. Club run internal Christmas Celebration. Chance for all gymnasts to relax and have fun, at our annual festive event. All gymnasts from all groups and classes take part, with a visit from Father Christmas! 

For 2019 – Saturday 14th December at STV, University of Bath.


We also run a Gymnast of the Month Award, which is based upon our club philosophy.

DREAM Gymnast of the month is awarded at the end of each month, by nomination from the coaching team, a certificate awarded and celebrated in the monthly newsletter.

Determination                                                                                    September & March

Respect                                                                                             October & April

Enjoyment                                                                                          November & May

Achievement                                                                                      January & June

Motivation                                                                                          February & July

Gymnasts’ Gymnast                                                                          December (voted for by the gymnasts)

Summer camp DREAM gymnast of the week                                   August

Display Squad

The Display Squad is the squad for gymnasts who enjoy a non-competitive environment and welcomes all ages and abilities. Most gymnasts attend this squad in addition to one or more of our range of other sessions. The gymnasts in this squad create and perform routines at both local schools and British Gymnastics GymFusion events . These routines combine general gymnastics skills, hand apparatus skills and dance with the aim of telling stories through engaging team performances.


GymFusion encompasses the ethos of ‘Gymnastics for All’, and gives participants the opportunity to display their skills and talents as a team in a fun, friendly and non-competitive environment. Part of the British Gymnastics National Festivals Programme, GymFusion launched in 2011 and has seen more than 22,000 performers take part in the UK.

The Display Squad train 2 hours a week on Friday from 6-8.00p.m.


Take a look at the two routines performed by our fantastic Display Squad in London:

2018: ‘Time’ theme 

2017: ‘Dream’ theme