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Club History

Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics was established for over 20 years ago and previously known as the City of Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.

In 2018, having been located at Bath University for many years, The City of Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics Club made the decision to merge with the Team Bath network.

Rationale for joining Team Bath 

The City of Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics Club have been located at Bath University for many years and are keen to further integrate with the Team Bath network. As a well run community club with a long term dedicated support team headed by Chair and British Rhythmic Gymnastic coach Sarah Moon, we feel we are well placed to add value to the Team Bath brand while pulling in a completely different audience. The gymnastic club take on students from 5 to 18 providing all levels of training from badge classes to elite with a number of GB team qualifiers and international champions. We feel our winning track record and professional run club could add value and a different element to the Team Bath brand. Equally as a club we are keen to integrate further and benefit from the expertise and training cross club opportunities provided by Team Bath along with co-marketing.


What are the clubs objectives:

  • To be the leading UK Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

  • To provide opportunities for all abilities

  • To be a professional and accessible club to the community

  • To support our gymnasts physically, emotionally and psychologically to develop positive and resilient sports people

  • To obtain a single location for all our training needs


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